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The Captain's Corner:

"The ultimate weapon is an educated mind"

Marine Captain Michael Harbert, BLT 1/9, 13th MEU ( SOC ) takes a break from operations 30 klicks north of Mogadishu in 1993. Now the director of the American Military University's marketing department, Major Harbert ( USMC, ret ) has always been a reader. With lots of good military and Marine Corps books available today, let us share with you some of the books that have stood the test of time - and please feel welcome to send your own favorites so we may add them here -

World War 1
At Belleau Wood; Robert Asprey, 1996
Gallipoli; Alan Morehead, 1956
Count Luckner, the Sea Devil; Lowell Thomas, 1927
On the Bottom; Cmdr Edward Ellsberg, 1928
All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque,1929

Captain Michael Harbert, BLT 1/9, 13th MEU ( SOC )

World War 2
Goodbye, Darkness; William Manchester, 1979
Strong Men Armed; The Marine Corps vs. the Empire of Japan; Robert Leckie, 1962
Helmet for my Pillow; Leckie, 1957
Into the Valley; John Hersey, 1943
Guadalcanal Diary; Richard Tregaskis
With the Old Breed at Peliliu & Okinawa; E.B. Sledge
Iwo Jima, Legacy of Valor; Bill Ross, 1985
Brave Men; Ernie Pyle, 1943
Given up for Dead; The Marines at Wake Island; Bill Sloan
They Were Expendable; W.L. White, 1942
The Moon is Down, John Steinbeck, 1942

Korean War
One Bugle, No Drums; William Hopkins
Victory at High Tide; Robert D. Heinl
The River and the Gauntlet; S.L.A. Marshall
Porkchop Hill; Marshall
The Bridges at Toko-Ri, James Michener

We Were Soldiers Once...And Young Leader; Moore, Harold G.
Platoon; James McDonough
The Bridge at Dong Ha; John Grider Miller
Vietnam; Three Battles; S.L.A. Marshall

Desert Storm - Mogadishu
Black Hawk Down; Mark Bowden, 2001
Storm on the Horizon; The Battle of Khafji, David Morris, 2004

Iraq & Afghanistan, 2003 - present
Blood Stripes; A Grunts of the war in Iraq; David J. Danelo, 2006
One Bullet Away; The making of a Marine Officer; Nathaniel Fick, 2005
Charlie Battery; A Marine Artillery Battery in Iraq; Andrew Lubin, 2004
Cobra 2; Michael Gordon & Gen Bernard Trainor, 2006
Fiasco; Thomas E. Ricks, 2006
The Sling & The Stone; Warfare in the 21st Century; Col T.X. Hammes, USMC (ret.) 2004

History : Marine Corps - American - Military
Medal of Honor: Portrait of Valor, Del Calzo & Collier, 2006
A Fellowship of Valor; The Battle History of the Marines; Col. Joseph Alexander, USMC, (ret.) 1997
The Red Badge of Courage; Stephan Crane
No Ordinary Time; Doris Kearns Goodwin, 1994
Stillwell & the American Experience in China; Barbara Tuchman, 1971
The First Salute; Tuchman, 1988
The World is Flat; Thomas Friedman, 2006
Longitudes & Attitudes; Friedman, 2002
The Savage Wars of Peace; Max Boot, 2002
Making the Corps; Thomas E. Ricks, 1997
Born Fighting; How the Scots-Irish shaped America; James Webb, 2004
AWOL; the Absence of America's Upper Class from the Military; Frank Schaeffer & Kathy Roth- Douquet, 2006

British History & British Military History
Montbatten; Philip Ziegler, 1985
The Last Lion; Winston Churchill; William Manchester, 1983
Navy & Empire; James Stokesbury, 1983
The Washing of the Spears; Donald R. Morris, 1965
The Reason Why; Cecil Woodham-Smith, 1953

Just Excellent Fiction
Gates of Fire; Steven Pressfield, 1998
The Afghan Campaign; Pressfield, 2006
Fields of Fire; James Webb, 1978
Baby Jack; Frank Schaeffer, 2006
A Rumor of War; Philip Caputo, 1977
Departmental Ditties & Barrack-Room Ballads; Rudyard Kipling
Once An Eagle, Anton Myrer, 1968

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