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"As good a job as these Marines do in competing their missions, I need to do as good a job in covering them."
Andrew on Radio Eirenn "Drive-Time Dublin"

Andrew is the author of the acclaimed "Charlie Battery; A Marine Artillery Battery in Iraq", the award-winning (2007 Gold Medal, Military Writers Society of America) story of his son Philip and his fellow Marines of Charlie Battery, 1st Bn, 10th Marines in the March 2003 battle at An-Nasiriyah. He's also a co-author of Uncle John Salutes the Armed Forces (2009), and Saluting American Valor (2010).

The success of "Charlie Battery," Andrew's first book, provided the impetus for his career as an author, embedded journalist, and speaker. He's a regular contributor to Leatherneck Magazine, Jane's Intelligence Review, and www.military.com and you can hear him on Radio Telefis Eireann commenting on Iraq, Afghanistan, the American political scene, and other topics for the Irish audience. Andrew's appeared on FOX, ABC, and CNN, the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show and VFW Radio, and supplied live-time expert commentary and analysis on Fallujah for WPVI-6, Philadelphia ABC.

Since 2006 Andrew's been embedded out where the mainstream media won't go...when the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit pulled 12,000 Americans off the Beirut beaches - Andrew was there, and took the last LCU back to the USS Iwo Jima. When 1st Bn, 6th Marines began to work with Sheik Sattar Abu Risha and jointly 'turned' Ramadi...it was Andrew who wrote about it. The first successful COIN programs in Afghanistan were in Kapisa Province and Nawa...and Andrew covered it for Leatherneck Magazine. Haiti: post-earthquake...he was there.

The result of Andrew's multiple embeds and 17 months of time-on-the-ground is a keen appreciation of the efforts of our Marines and soldiers, as well as an expertise in Central Asia, the Middle East, and world events that makes him a requested speaker at colleges, graduate schools, think-tanks, and public events through North America. His impartial approach enables him to discuss both sides of a question without the rancor so prevalent today.

At the podium, Andrew is a powerful speaker who engages the audience with his vivid and compelling stories of Marines in combat. Drawing on his extended embeds overseas, Andrew shares his time on the ground with the audience - he's been a witness to some of the most important events in recent Marine annals, and is uniquely qualified to share them.

Of the several thousand journalists who have embedded in Iraq or Afghanistan, Andrew is one of the very few who has a visceral connection and understanding of those with whom he embeds: both his parents were Marines in WW2 (his dad finally mustered out in 1951 as a captain), and then became college professors, while his son is now in Afghanistan on his fifth deployment. Embedding and writing is more than a journalistic or academic exercise, it's very personal.

Andrew has a degree in Political Science from Allegheny College, and a Master of International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He currently lives in Bucks County, Pa.

With Sheik Sattar Abu-Risha

With General James Conway, CMC

With Col Jeff Haynes, SgtMaj Pat Doughterty, Camp Blessing, Afghanistan

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